Sending Fax From Gmail – How To Do It

Fax From Gmail

It is hard to overlook the pure dominance of Google on today’s email market. Almost everybody has a Gmail account nowadays. Since we are in an age of transition from the kind of older technologies to the newer ones, we need to fuse old with new. That statement is most relevant for the office workers – especially the ones still using fax machines and other technologies from the 1980s. Being able to send a fax from Gmail has become a modern-day task, which has long been settled by all kinds of companies wanting to take advantage of this potentially amazing niche. While Gmail doesn’t have a specific native “Gmail fax” feature, this is easily doable by a third-party provider.

By using online faxing tools you can easily send just about any type of file as a fax document right through your Gmail account, exactly as you’d send a regular email. The whole process is painfully familiar to anyone who has used Gmail at some point of time and can even come free of charge if you need to do this once or twice in a course of a month.

What we first need to get you is an online fax provider. Let’s dive deeper into that!

Getting You The Proper Online Provider

As we mentioned, Gmail doesn’t have a native faxing feature installed, so we the first step is to get the right provider. Most Gmail fax providers are on a subscription-based model, but if you are already using a business VoIP provider such as RingCentral, you might already have faxing services without even knowing, so go check that. Either way, no need to worry about signing up, as most companies offer you a 30 days trial period. This means that if this is a one-time thing you just have to do, better get into any trial and then cancel it. If you want a longer involvement, you might as well go ahead and set up the online fax provider dashboard now. All of the providers have easy setups and constant online support, so you wouldn’t bump into any issues there. Have in mind that eFax charge you for their setup as well, so that might come a little pricey for the first month.

If you want to find out more about the best online fax providers you can check the full review of three of the best ones here.

Google Voice Fax

Once again, if you want to keep it all simple, go ahead and search for a free online faxing service. There are tons out there and they offer you a limited number of free faxes. It is quite straightforward there, but you will get charged if you ever go above that limit, so keep that in mind. Most of them also lack digital signatures and advanced security features which might be an issue, since your faxes might be read as “spam” by the receiving server/fax machine.

There is this one provider named “HelloFax” that has a Google Drive extension. It attaches itself to your chrome browser and makes sending documents from your Google Drive super easy!

What you might also need from any of the providers will be your own designated fax number. You can use that to receive faxes from fax machines or other online fax clients. Learn more about receiving fax by Gmail on our detailed article on the topic.

Gmail’s Part In All This

By now, you already have an online fax provider with your own fax number and a faxing service ready to be used. As we said if you’ve ever used Gmail this process will be as easy as sending a simple email. Generally, the process is the same, except two minor differences:

  1. You will be entering the receiving fax number, followed by “” instead of an email address in the “To” field. Here is an example
  2. (if your provider is eFax)
  3. Instead of entering a text as the body of your email, the document which you want to fax must be added as an attachment.

Here is the step by step process to send your documents to a fax number:

Step One

Go to your Gmail account and click the “compose” button, like when creating an ordinary email. Then, you will get your pop-up email window in the bottom right corner.

Step Two

In the “To” field enter a fax number followed by as we showed you above. Have in mind that every provider will give you a domain name ( which you will have to use after the fax number in the whole address like this:

  • Fax

Step Three

The actual document you want to send must be one of the following types:

  • .doc
  • .txt
  • .xls
  • .jpg
  • .pdf
  • Other popular text document formats
  • Images
  • Spreadsheets

Click on the paperclip icon at the bottom of the email template and add your document to the email. If it is on your Google Drive, you can click the Drive icon to import files from there.

Some Additional Steps and Tips

Entering anything at all at the place where you would normally type text will be sent as a cover letter along with your attached files. If there is any relevant information you want to send along, enter it there.

Last but not least, before sending your “fax”, make sure that you’ve entered the correct information. That includes the fax number, the domain name your provider gave you, the cover letter text (if any) and the attachment.

Once again, HelloFax gets an honorable mention as it skips all this. It works directly with Google Drive and the process is extremely simple (even simpler than what we just showed you).

What Is a Google Fax Number?

We’ve seen many people wonder what a Google fax number is and the answer is fairly simple. It is an online fax number which will tell your incoming faxes to go to a mailing client of your choice. This mostly serves when people want to send you faxes and you don’t have a fax machine, so your only choice is to use your email client. As we said, we covered this topic thoroughly in our article about receiving fax by email.

What About Google Voice Fax?

There are people who try to use Google Voice with their faxing service. This is particularly hard, especially with all the fuss around Google Voice in the USA. There have been some solutions to the topic but nothing definitive from Google’s side.

Final Words

As times are changing all that’s left for us is to adapt. There is no better way to adapt than to implement what’s new to what we already have. That is the case with Gmail and Fax services. In our opinion, going for online faxes you will be much happier and will save a lot of time, stress and paper. The overall availability and convenience of Google’s services mixed with any online fax provider will just make you feel as if this is the only proper way to do it. This is especially valid if you work in a crowded office where these machines are few and people line up for them. Now go ahead and send your first Gmail fax!